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The most competitive pricing, (period).

The standard repair is a flat-rate and covers everything from the start to the finish to get you out the door whether that’s wiping your hard drive clean and re-installing windows with a full backup or if that means cleaning all the malware and viruses out of the machine and cleaning out any unnecessary programs bogging things down.

The white glove service does not apply to everyone, just those who want a little more attention. This will provide everything the standard service does and in addition we will pickup and drop off the machine to your place of residence and you receive a ½ hour on on-site support to alleviate any further issues or concerns you might have.

If you are transferring to a new machine or just would like some information pulled off an old hard drive we can take care of that as well. Data Backup includes any amount of data for the one cost. We can put it onto cd’s, flash drives, or an external hard drive. Whatever would make the most sense for the customer.

Computer crashed and you have work that’s due tomorrow? Leaving town and you just got a virus? We understand the urgency, that’s why we have the emergency service option. Give us a call and we are happy to discuss your options.

Resolution of any issue fixed in under 15 minutes. This could be a hardware install, password reset, general questions, email issues, software installations, etc.

Flat rate labor repair on devices in need of hardware replacements, hardware diagnostics, assembling computer components, etc. Does not include the cost of hardware or additional software if necessary.

Laptop screen repair is also one of the services we offer. If your screen is broken, dark, or covered in lines, our techs can diagnose and determine if the screen is what needs to be replaced or if it’s as simple as an inverter board or a display harness.

Laptop not charging anymore? Chances are the power jack is broken or is pushed in too far, or your charger has gone bad. This is the most common repair we perform on laptops next to virus removal. We start by verifying the charger is good, and then a visual inspection of the power port. These 2 simple steps normally can determine what has gone bad. If that doesn’t determine the issue then we’ll open the laptop up and take a closer look at the port from the inside.

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